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For far too long nutrition has been made more difficult than it needs to be. "Do eat this, don't eat that."  But it really is not that difficult.  It is all about calories in vs. calories out.  Our DotFitnutrition program allows you to track your calories in vs. your calories out daily, so that you always know where you stand.  The average person gains 5 pounds per year.  That means the average person eats 17,500 calories more then they should have eaten to maintain their weight.  That is an average of only 48 extra calories a day. So we can make very small adjustments on a daily basis rather than making large adjustments years from now.  However, if we do not know, we cannot act.

If you are not currently signed up for our nutritional program, let us know and we can get you started.  As long as you are a member with us we pay for your subsciption to DotFit.