Live in the Moment

As I sit here with a space heater running the week of Easter and freezing, I think about how easily all of our plans can change. The weather is just one of the many things that can cause our plans to be thrown out the window. For everyone whose kids are out of school this week and hoped to go to the park, zoo, or Easter egg hunts, they can't now because they'll turn into popsicles. (All of you from the north can now make fun of this southern girl who can't handle 40 degrees.)

But this does make me stop and realize how much time I waste coming up with "the perfect plan." I actually get stressed out when I have a day off because I try to cram every outing and fun thing in it. Such as in one day, I will try to play outside, go to the park, go swimming, finger paint, play with play dough, get the kids to take a nap, clean the house, cook a 4 course meal, get the kids bathed and to bed, and still spend some time with my spouse. I waste more time trying to figure out how to orchestrate all of this than just living in the moments that make up the day. And then of course, I could have the perfect plan but it rains, someone gets sick, or there's some other emergency that thwarts my plans.

I've seen so many of our clients face the same issue. They are frozen into inaction simply because they become overwhelmed with everything they will have to change to reach their goals. Instead of changing one thing at a time and being successful day to day, they try to change every bad eating habit (i.e. no fast food, no desserts, no carbs, no alcohol, eating 6 times a day, no regular soft drinks, etc.) and at the same time decide to work out 8 days a week for 4 hours a day. They become completely overwhelmed with trying to come up with the perfect plan and quit before starting.

Keys to success:

  1. Change one thing at time and become successful with it.
  2. Celebrate the small daily victories.
  3. Each day is a new day. You can't change what happened yesterday; you can only strive to move forward.
  4. Thoughts are things. Think positively about who you are and what you will become.
  5. You will mess up. That's OK. Life is to be enjoyed. Have a piece of birthday cake without feeling guilty. Get back on track tomorrow.
  6. Make a plan, go with it, and adjust it as need be. A good plan today is better than the best plan never.
  7. Live in the moment.

One last thought, going back to where I started…live in the moment. You can't change the past and the future is not promised. That's not to say don't dream big dreams or make plans to be successful or take care of your family. But sometimes, we all need to take a step back and really look at all that we have. What's interesting is when I do that I find that the "messed up" days are usually more memorable and turned out better than my plan. Those days you take life as it happens are the ones that give life its color. Enjoy those precious moments with loved ones, lose yourself in a book, or try something new. Slow down and enjoy the present.

Live in the moment and appreciate the curve balls life throws at you!

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